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Hazard Spills Response Service

Whether it’s a seemingly minor fuel leak, a tanker roll over, pipeline rapture or a major spill of hazardous material, Ultimate Site Service is the company to call on for emergency response.

We have been responding to hazard spill situations, particularly in the oil and gas sector, transport depots and chemical manufacturers for the 20 years that our company has been in business. Every year, we have come in to salvage the situation for our ever growing list of clients with our hazard spills emergency response service which is available on call 24/7, all year round.

Over the years, our team has successfully handled and continues to handle, among others, the following

  • Hazard spills due to accidents while on transit on both land and waterways. This includes tanker roll overs and boat spills.
  • Accidents in industrial facilities and factories.
  • Hazardous spills and discharges due to natural disasters.

Our Process

As a company, we pride in a well-outlined multi-step process that our team implements for the most optimal results in our hazard spill response efforts.

1. Spill Containment

As industry experts, we recognize that rapid response when it comes to the initial containment makes all the difference in the event of hazardous material spills. Our crew comes in with a prompt spill containment plan to secure a hazard zone perimeter and ensure that the hazardous materials do not find their way into storm drains and waterways where containment would otherwise be more difficult and the consequences even more devastating.

Liquid hazard materials are contained in non-reactive containments with lids. For gas leaks, our team uses fume chambers.

2. Spill Clean Up

After successful containment, our team, equipped with the expertise and equipment, and following recommended and acceptable procedure will then attend to cleaning up the spill. Prompt and proper clean up mitigates against the harmful effects that would otherwise result if the hazardous material is left on the site. Ultimate Site Services is committed to ensuring the safety of life, property and the environment.

3. Material processing, Decontamination and Remediation

Using the latest techniques and equipment, our team is able to accurately and appropriately classify the different waste material and determine the most appropriate treatment and processing procedures for each class.

Our crew will also see to a proper cleaning up of the site in an effective decontamination plan. The team will conduct a comprehensive assessment and going by their findings, determine and put to effect relevant decontamination strategies. We have an array of air quality testing and monitoring equipment, thermal imaging scanners and other apparatus to help in fully decontaminating the cleaned up space.

4. Waste Disposal

After all the waste has been collected and properly analyzed, our team will attend to proper management and/or disposal of the same. We adhere and are fully compliant with standards outlined by Environmental Protection Authorities (EPAs) and other stakeholders.

Our Hazard Spill Response Service: What You Get

Expert Staff

Ultimate Site Services has an in-house multi-disciplinary team of professionals that work together to ensure an efficient hazardous spills response and management plan for all our clients. Our specialist crew includes chemists, laboratory technicians, environmental scientists, safety and hygiene specialists and biologists.

Our personnel are all expertly trained and have many years of in-the-field experience in handling spill response situations. As company, we facilitate continual training sessions for all our members of our crew to ensure that they are kept up-to –date with the best practices and protocols.
Ultimate Site Services staff is always ready in a state of constant readiness to respond to any emergency.

Modern Equipment

The efforts of our specialist personnel are complemented by state-of-the-art equipment including containment apparatus and kits, vacuum trucks and tankers, tip trucks and excavators. All our equipment is kept in excellent condition with regular maintenance to reduce response times and avoid any delays.

As a company, we realize that our personnel can only deliver the most optimal results if their safety and health is not compromised. To this effect, we also equip our staff with protective gear including appropriate suits such as HAZMAT suits, safety goggles, boots, tough gloves, and other personal protective equipment.

Legal Compliance

As an industry leader, we ensure that all our standard operating procedures, right from the initial containment stage to the final waste disposal process, are in compliance with all legal standards, regulations and protocols including those set out by the government and other authorities. Ultimate Site Services works with the relevant authorities to ensure that every hazard spills response is in accordance with the laid out regulations.

Safety and Environmental Impact

As a company, we are not only concerned with the safety of our employees whenever they are on site but also with that of our clients. Our clients remain our most invaluable asset, which is why all our efforts in every hazard spill response undertaking, we strive to ensure the safety of both life and property. The quick response time, state-of-the-art equipment, attention to detail and other parameters are directed towards ensuring exactly that.

As an actively environmentally-conscious company, we ensure that our cleanup activities have very minimal, if any, negative impact on the environment. Our team is very careful on our choice of waste disposal methods.

A Solution Just For You

At Ultimate Site Services, no job is ever to big or too small for our crew. We are equipped to handle your specific situation be it a fuel spill such as diesel and petrol or spills of other materials such as hazardous chemicals. Our project managers, working closely with our technicians on the ground will develop a prompt response strategy that will be the right fit for your specific situation.Reach Out

Our team and equipment is always on the ready to respond to your emergency hazard spill situation. We are committed to getting the job done, and getting it done right in an effort to protect life, property and the environment.

Get in touch with our team at Ultimate Site Services for professional and reliable hazard spill response services.

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