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Sydney’s Professional Line Marking Service

Over the last two decades, Ultimate Site Services has grown to an industry-recognized provider of line marking services for our clients in both the commercial and industrial sectors.

Equipped For Every Line Marking Job

We have a state-of-the-art and modern fleet of line marking vehicles and other equipment. Our machines deliver professionally applied markings by extrusion or spray. Our team also makes use of screeds to ensure an accurate and professional-looking line marking job.

Ultimate Site Service is also keen on procuring only premier quality materials and supplies for every line marking project. Our most popular material is thermoplastic, which has remained a favorite over the years owing to its durability. Although a great option for diverse applications, our knowledgeable staff is cognizant that for some applications such as factory and warehouse markings, thermoplastic may not always be the best option. It is for this reason that our team will instead put to use paint and resin based solutions that are not only quick to apply, but also offer a great performance when it comes to durability.

Our line marking crews are highly qualified and pride in having the expertise and professional experience to deliver every single time. Before starting out on the line marking project, our technical team will brainstorm with you and offer their professional input on the best type of marking for your facility or space, where and how much of the markings will be most ideal. Our staff go through regular and continuous training to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques.

Whether it’s a playground, a middle-sized car park or an extensive factory space, Ultimate Site Service is more than equipped to undertake projects of different scales.

At Ultimate Site Services, we are committed to ensuring that you get the best line marking service in the market. Over the years, we have worked with different clients including state and local councils, airports, property developers and managers, factories among others.

Our Services

Ultimate Site Services offers a full range of line marking services as highlighted

Line Markings on Roads and Highways

At Ultimate Site Services, we recognize just how crucial a role the markings on highways and roads are in the control of traffic and ensuring the safety of all users. Our road markings all adhere to the rules of the road in Australia and the specific guidelines to be followed for each of our service locations.

We offer a full-range of road marking services and our team is expertly skilled in the following

  • Dividing lines

  • Continuity lines

  • Stop lines

  • Turn lines

  • Give way lines

  • Directional arrows

  • Lines on pedestrian crosswalks

As a company, we work closely with the Road Marking Industry Association of Australia (RIAA) in an effort to ensure that our clients get the very best service.

Factory and Warehouse Line Marking

Our team will see to floor markings and symbols in factories and warehouses for both space designation and safety. We appreciate that in such a setting, exposure to different elements may cause the markings to wear off quite easily. It is for this reason that our team will use the best techniques and products for your warehouse and factory markings.

We are competent professionals in the following areas;

  • Space designation and demarcation markings for loading bays, hazard areas etc

  • Forklift routes

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Equipment parking lines

  • Fire escape routes

  • First aid and emergency care stations

  • Hatching boxes

  • Symbols, signs and warnings

  • Factory car-park markings

Not only will we ensure that your factory markings are compliant with the occupational health and safety standards, but our team will work diligently with you in making certain that the markings perfectly blend with your institution’s choice of branding.

Car Park Markings

Your car parking space is one of the areas that can leave a lasting impression on those visiting your facility, way before they even make their way through your doors. At Ultimate Site Services, we are committed to ensuring that yours will be the ultimate impression. In addition, we aim to help our clients maximize on the parking space available with our car park marking service, as well as ensuring safety and convenience for all users.

Our team has vast experience working with open car parks, underground car parks as well as multi-storey car lots. Our company provides the following, among others, when it comes to car park markings

  • Directional arrows

  • Disabled parking bays

  • Parent and child bays

  • Reserved parking bays

  • Visitors’ parking bays

Airports and Runway Markings

Clear markings and symbols are especially important in ensuring the safety of passengers as well as airport employees. We extend our services to commercial and private airports and airstrips. Our line marking service in airports and airfields include the following

  • Runway line markings

  • Taxiway markings

  • Parking area markings

School Playgrounds and Sport Courts Markings

Our team will completely transform your play area with creative designs and vibrant colors to an amazing space that will have the kids excited for recess. The design options are endless and we are always keen to take on board our clients’ input, but what remains a certainty is that Ultimate Site Services will bring a difference to your kids’ playground experience.

We also offer a full sports court lining service suitable for the different types of surfaces be it concrete, synthetic turf among others. Our services include the following

  • Tennis court line markings

  • Football ground line markings

  • Basketball court line markings

  • Athletic track line markings

  • Netball court line markings

These are only but a few of the many sport courts markings that we can deliver on. We have worked with many schools as well as community sports centers over the years.

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