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Sydney’s Professional Scrubbing Service

Scrubbing really does get the job done. For persistent surface stains that just won’t go away after a sweeping service, power scrubbing is the solution to go, especially when the service is coming from a reputable company such as Ultimate Site Services.

We are dedicated to delivering a superior floor and hard surface scrubbing service to our clients across different sectors. Whether yours is a factory, a workshop, a warehouse, construction site car park, transport depot, or whatever your space may be, commercial or industrial, we are more than capable of attending to your specific job, big or small.

Our mechanical floor scrubbing service is great for the following among other surfaces

  • Concrete flooring and surfaces
  • Tiled areas
  • Paving stones
  • Asphalt surfaces

Scrubbing With Real Benefits

We pride in delivering a professional and reliable service with real benefits including improved safety of workspaces. Ultimate Site Services processes and practices are all compliant with OH&S standards. After our team is done scrubbing your floors you will be looking at non-slip surfaces that will reduce and even eliminate workplace accidents. Your employees will be safe at all times and you can avoid the hassle and cost of liability claims.

Our scrubbing services will ensure that you are compliant with all industry-set standards and regulations for hygiene. We have worked with clients in the food and beverage industry that are always satisfied to work with Ultimate Site Services because our practices meet and surpass these standards every time. Engage us for your scrubbing needs and you will never have to worry every time the health inspector comes knocking.

A clean and healthy work space can do so much for the morale of your employees. Our commercial and industrial clients across different sectors always report a significant improvement in productivity owing to this boost in morale.

Other than that, our scrubbing services will leave your premises looking good and clean, creating a great first impression to business associates and clients. It is not uncommon to lose repeat business because of that not-so-great first impression created at the sight of dirty and grimy floors.

USS: The Dependable Scrubbing Service Provider

You can rely on Ultimate Site Services to deliver a prompt service. Our teams are always on call and ever on the ready. We will come in, do a good scrub and be out of your space without causing an unnecessary disruption to your operations. We are very strict on timelines and always strive to work within the timeframe agreed upon with our clients.

As a company, we have carefully selected and mobilized the right resources and developed the right processes and practices to ensure that we deliver the most optimal results when it comes to our mechanical floor scrubbing service.

Latest Equipment

At Ultimate Site Services, we have a wide selection of quality commercial grade power scrubbers from top brands and manufacturers in the market. Our team is expertly trained in the use of both ride-on and walk-behind power scrubber units. Whatever the arrangement of your space, we have the equipment to maneuver even the most difficult to reach spots for that efficient scrub.

As a company we invest in the latest technology and our models have proven their performance across all parameters. Our equipment is fast and efficient, meaning we will be able to return your space to service within a short time. Additionally, our scrubbers are not overly aggressive, and you do not have to worry about damage to your flooring over time.

Best Supplies

We are careful about what we use on our scrubbing jobs. We use biodegradable and safe chemicals and detergents with our scrubbers. The units are equipped with an effective dispensing mechanism that guarantees economy as much as efficacy. These detergents and cleaning chemicals also dry up quite fast, avoiding any inconveniences brought about by delays in dry-up times.

Expert Team

We have the most qualified of personnel working to deliver premier quality floor scrubbing to our clients. Our crew is highly trained in handling every aspect of the job and you can rest assured that you will get nothing short of a professional and efficient service.

As a company, we have well over 20 years’ experience working to meet different scrubbing needs.

Our crew, equipped with the fleet of high-performance scrubbers and commercial-duty cleaning chemicals and detergents, apply the best industry practices to get the job done perfectly.

With these considerations in mind, there is no doubt that Ultimate Site Services is a company that you can rely on to provide expert and dependable service.

Competitive Rates

When it comes to mechanical floor scrubbing services, Ultimate Site Services ranks high among the most affordable service providers. Our rates are industry-competitive and affordable.

As a company, we adopt the best practices and use the best equipment in the market, leading to efficiency. This efficiency translates to great cost-savings on our operations, which we then generously pass on to our clients.

We are also very committed to providing cost-effective bespoke solutions. Speak to us about your specific needs, and after a comprehensive assessment, our team will be able to tailor a budget-friendly scrubbing work plan just for you.

Reach us today and a company representative will help you with getting a free, obligation-free quote.

See and Hear What Others Have To Say

As mentioned, we have been in the industry a very long time and over the last two decades; we have seen our client base grow tremendously.

Don’t just take our word for it. We have a long list of satisfied clients across different commercial and industrial sectors that are all too willing to share the success stories and experiences working with Ultimate Site Services scrubbing crew. Our scrubbing service has always been met with great acclaim and we could not be any more proud.

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