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Sydney’s Professional Hydro Vacuum Excavation Service

WWhen you need to dig up buried utilities safely and conveniently, what you need is a vacuum excavation service. Also known as non-destructive digging, it involves using powerful jets of air or water to loosen the soil substrate then sucking it up into a tank.

Using the same principles as a vacuum cleaner, vacuum excavation manages the task of unearthing pipelines, electricity cables, and other utilities much more safely than conventional methods.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

While the basic idea is the same, there are two major types of vacuum excavation. The first and most popular is hydro vacuum excavation. As you can guess, it involves using water under high pressure to loosen the soil.

The resulting muddy water is then sucked into a wide suction pipe into a tank. The tank forms part of the vacuum truck and can be mounted on a trailer, dolly, or a regular truck.

Using water has many advantages. For one, you won’t have to deal with a lot of dust, especially during hot seasons. Second, in winter the water can be heated up to thaw the ground and make excavation much easier.

Air Vacuum Excavation

This method uses compressed air instead of water to loosen the soil. The material is then sucked up into a remote tank if desired, or deposited aside. For jobs where highly sensitive utility lines are being uncovered, such as electricity lines, and this method is most preferred.

Benefits of Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation services have become a staple when it comes to excavating and serving of underground utilities. Some states and corporations require it due to its inherent safety standards.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduces the chances of damaging buried utilities. While the high pressure water or air used are effective at removing loose soil, they won’t damage underground pipes, cables, and other utilities.
  • Less disruptive to the environment. The system only clears as much space as is necessary to access the utilities, unlike digging which affects the areas around.
  • It is more efficient and requires less manpower. In loose soil, vacuum excavation is faster and cheaper than physical digging. It also requires less manpower, further reducing costs.
  • It is perfect for utilities located deep underground.

Top Vacuum Excavation Services in NSW

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